See How you look wearing a Hijab

An Augmented Reality Instagram face filter that lets you see how you look wearing a Hijab. A Hijab is a veil worn by some Muslim women. To get this filter, follow me on Instagram

After following @wowfilterscom on Instagram, search for this icon in your filter list.

Hijab Try On filter icon

Hijab Try On AR Experience

Before and after wearing a Hijab head scarf

You don’t need to go to the store and try on a Hijab. You can do that simply using the ‘Hijab Try On‘ Instagram face filter on your phone. All you need is Instagram app installed and to follow me at @wowfilterscom on Instagram to unlock it. The filter will be available in your filter list to use.

Variety of Trendy Hijab Colors

Hijab Try On filter features a wide variety of trending Hijab colors and some patterns to try out with your virtual Hijab. This allow anyone, Muslim women,  non-Muslim women and even men (if you are curious) to see how they look with different hijab colors and see what they like best.

Trending Hijab colors

Various Backgrounds & Hijab Textures

woman wearing a Hijab

Users can use a different background image which gives you a clear view of yourself wearing the Hijab. It also helps occluding some of the hair for a more authentic look. Hijab Try On also feature the option to view the Hijab with various patterns, not jsut solid colors.

Hijab Manual Size-fitting

Hijab Try-on IG filter allow users to manually adjust the size and position of the Hijab to best fit their head.  Move up, down, left, backward, forward, resize vertically and resize horizontally. You can do that by just panning to the direction of the adjustment or using tapping by choosing the appropriate icon of the three, and tapping on of the four invisible feature points on the face (forehead, mouth area, left cheek or right cheek).

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Hijab head fitting feature

How can I get ‘Hijab Try On’ filter?

  1. Install Instagram App – Install Instagram on your phone if you don’t have it already. You can download Instagram app for Android here and for iOS here.
  2. Follow wowfilterscom Profile – Search for ‘wowfilterscom’ under ‘Accounts’ on Instagram or visit my profile here and Follow @wowfilterscom.
  3. User the filter – Check your filter list and you should see ‘Hijab Try On’ filter avaialble.

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