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In this page, you can find some answer to frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions, please post them in the comment section below and I’ll do my best to answer those in a timely manner.

How can I download and get ‘Hijab Try On’ filter?

‘hijab Try On’ is an Instagram filter, not a stand-alone app. This means that it runs inside the Instagram app. To get it, you need to follow ‘wowfilterscom’ profile page on Instagram. Then go to the filter list in the built-in camera app and search for the icon of the app. Select it and use my filter – enjoy!

How does the ‘Hijab Try On’ Instagram filter icon look like?

Here you go..

Hijab Try On filter icon
Hijab Try-On filter icon

I can’t find the filter icon on the filter list, what should I do?

First, don’t panic :). Sometimes it takes a few seconds until the filter id downloaded. Because it weighs more than the average filter size, it might take a few seconds more. If you still can’t find it, try restarting the Instagram app and make sure you follow wowfilterscom on Instagram. If you still can’t find the icon, contact me in the comment section for further help.

What all those buttons in the app do?

As of the latest version of the filter, there are 7 buttons in the home menu (from left to right):

  • Button 1 – Resize. Two options, tapping or panning touch gesture. For panning, use the pan gesture either upward, downward, left or right (except ‘push’ where only up/down panning is accepted). For tapping, tap it then continue to tap on one of the four face areas (forehead, left, chin, right cheek, left cheek) to apply the size transformation to the virtual Hijab 3d model.
  • Button 2 – Move. Same as with ‘Resize’, but this time you move the Hijab to the various directions depends on where you tap on your face.
  • Button 3 – Push. You can move the Hijab backward and forward.
  • Button 4 – Patterns. Choose from different stylish patterns and see how they look on the Hijab.
  • Button 5 – Solid color. Choose from various trendy Hijab colors. Your Hijab will have that color applied.
  • Button 6 – Hijab type. There are various Hijab types available, choose the one that you want to try from the submenu.
  • Button 7 – Background image. Choose a background image. This also helps with masking/occluding other parts at the back of the midbody area and help you see how you look without distracting background elements. I might add more in the future.

Did you create this filter?

Yes. I start learning Spark AR at start of July 2019. I got excited about developing for this platform and start learning it and make filters. I have more filters available, so if you follow me, you’ll get my other filters as well.

Sometimes the Hijab 3d model appears cut off, what should I do?

If that happens, try moving and resizing the Hijab until those visual aberrations are less visible. This is the result of the face mesh intersecting with the Hijam 3d model. Hopefully, after playing with the size and move adjustment tools, you’ll get a better look. If you have other issues or bug, please let me know.

Are you planning to add more features to Hijab Try On filter?

Yes, but due to size limitations of the Instagram filter (up to 4MB as of the time of writing, I might need to release a second version, we’ll see once I get there.

Can I use the filter with a friend?

At the moment, Hijab Try On IG filter only supports a single face. I might add this feature in the future.

How can I contact you?

You can follow me on Instagram and send me a message there. I’ll do my best to reply in a timely manner.

I have a problem with the menu, it doesn’t work right, what should I do?

When testing the filter on my iPhone 5S, I’ve noticed that when changing to other submenus or going back to the home is buggy. I’ve reported it to Instagram. I’ve tested this on my other Android devices and it works well. If I fix this, I’ll share it on Instagram.

I found some bugs, how can I notify the developer?

Just drop me a line on my Instagram (@wowfilterscom) and I’ll take a look at it and try to solve it ASAP.

How do I know when you update the filter?

I’ll make a post about it on my Instagram at @wowfilterscom. So if you follow me, you should be able to see it.

What is your Instagram account?

My personal Instagram account is at instagram.com/wowfilterscom/. I’ll be happy if you follow me. This is the same IG account that you need to follow to get all of my filters, including ‘Hijab Try On’ filter.

I also have a website at wowfilters.com, where I review Instagram filters. I am also the founder and editor of arcritic.com blog.

More to come, stay tuned.

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